If you’ve ever been to a public pool, gym, water park or playground, then you’ve probably seen Rubcorp without even realizing it. Rubaroc produces a state of the art rubber surfacing that is used in a wide variety of environments and provides a non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible.

Alexander Pool Company exclusively uses Rubcorp for a variety of reasons but most importantly, because they are a reliable company that is a leader in the industry. But perhaps you don’t know that much about Rubaroc or why you would want to use them for your pool project. Worry no more because we are going to share with you all the reasons Rubaroc is the way to go when it comes to pool installation

1. Rubcorp is the leader in rubber surfacing. Rubcorp has been in business for over 20 years and offers only the highest quality product components at the very best price.

2. Safety! Rubcorp technology provides a skid-free surface that makes even the most slippery surface safe.

3. Rubcorp comes in a variety of styles that will fit any taste. There are 27 varieties of color to choose from including solid colors or color mixes.

4. Rubcorp can be installed over any existing surface. Even if you are redesigning your pool area or giving it an update, Rubaroc can be easily installed.

5. Design options are endless. Multiple colors of Rubcorp can be used so you can accomplish any design that you wish.

6. Quick drying time. Rubcorp surfaces takes approximately 24 hours to dry so you can begin enjoying your new area very quickly

7. Rubcorp can be used indoors as well. Rubaro is a popular material for gyms, animal facilities, covered patios, and anywhere else you can imagine.

8. Rubcorp is fade resistant. Rubaroc rubber safety surfacing is UV stable and is highly used in Australia which is one of the harshest environments for ultra-violet light.

9. Rubcorp is really easy to repair. Because Rubaroc is a rubber-based material, cutting out the damaged area and re-pouring the safety rubber and resin mixture will make repairs to your surface easy, un-noticeable and aesthetically pleasing.

These are just some of the reasons we love using Rubcorp with all of our clients. We are a certified installer of Rubcorp and we would love to help you on your pool project today!

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