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Alexander Pools is a trusted pool professional that has served the Gulf Coast for over 19 years. Over those years, Alexander Pools has worked extremely hard to build a reputation for excellent, reliable and quality service using only the best materials and supplies in the industry.

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From conception and design, installations and maintenance, or site renewal and rehabilitation, our dedication to total client satisfaction is evident in the work that we do. We are proud to be performing services for many clients and all of our services are executed by qualified professionals..

We are a Certified Rubcorp Installer


Pool Inspections

If you’re buying a home that already has a pool in stalled, it’s recommended that you get the pool fully inspected by a quality professional instead of having just the home inspector’s report.


Pool Equipment Repair

Sometimes you need faulty equipment repaired or would like an upgrade to your current pool equipment. Alexander Pool Company has you covered with quality and reliable pool service


Weekly Pool Service

Ensure peak pool performance during high usage pools with weekly pool service. We will ensure proper an optimum swimming environment for you, your family and guests.


Pool Clean Ups

You’re pool can quickly fill up with debris and leaves, especially after a big storm. Our experts can give your pool the thorough clean it needs!


Openings & Closings

Even if you maintain your pool chemistry yourself, you might need help with the opening and closing of the season to ensure you are starting or ending on the right foot.


Pool Installation

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial pool, our professionals can help you with anything from design to installation and everything in between.

Let us help you reach your pool dreams.

Our Clients Say

On time. Completed job in a timely manner and provided the extra parts needed. Thank you!

-Terry S.

Our Clients Say

Replaced vinyl liner in swimming pool. Very fine work!

-George K.


The Best Plants for Pool Landscaping

The Best Plants for Pool Landscaping

The right landscaping can really help make your pool more visually appealing but it has potential for providing much more: privacy, mosquito repellent and some shade for those especially hot days. When choosing plants for your pool area, you want to choose those that...

The Best Fiberglass Pool

The Best Fiberglass Pool

There are many options when it comes to pools with regards to what sort of products are out there. We use Aqua Technics Pool so we're going to explore all the reasons this is the best option to use. Fiberglass pools, in general, are the better option over concrete or...

9 Reasons to Use Rubcorp

9 Reasons to Use Rubcorp

If you've ever been to a public pool, gym, water park or playground, then you've probably seen Rubcorp without even realizing it. Rubaroc produces a state of the art rubber surfacing that is used in a wide variety of environments and provides a non-skid surface that...

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