There are many options when it comes to pools with regards to what sort of products are out there. We use Aqua Technics Pool so we’re going to explore all the reasons this is the best option to use.

Fiberglass pools, in general, are the better option over concrete or vinyl because it requires less maintenance. The material of the fiberglass naturally reduces algae build up and does not require weekly surface brushing. Since they are less maintenance, the cost for upkeep is much less compared to a vinyl-lined pool

Another reason we love fiberglass pools is the installation time. Fiberglass pools typically take as little as a few days. In comparison, a concrete pool could take up to 3-6 months. Not only do fiberglass pools have a lower installation period, but they are made from very durable material.

Because of the patented surface protection system, Aqua Technics Pools resists the effects of ultra violet rays and chemical attack. This ensures an even longer product life and durability.

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Aqua Technics Pool has been perfecting the fiberglass pools for years and is the leader in their industry. All Aqua Technics Pools are manufactured using a new generation, corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly fiberglass with improved strength and stiffness.

Not only are fiberglass pools the way to go, but Aqua Technics products are the best fiberglass pools to use. We are a certified Aqua Technics provider and our qualified technicians are waiting to get started on your new pool install today!


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